Discover the art of Cuban rum

Take the time to enjoy our prestigious Icónica Collection
Cuban know-how
Custodians of an age-old tradition passed down from generation to generation, Cuba’s Rum Masters are the reason why our premium rums can rival any spirit in the world. Together and singly they have aged and blended our finest rum reserves to produce the Icónica Collection. Each bottle is a testament to the skill and passion of Rum Masters past and present.
Selección de Maestros
An extraordinary collaboration between all the members of the Cuban Guild of Rum Masters, distinguished by a warm, amber hue and exceptional aromas and smoothness.
Añejo 15 Años
A rare and limited release of an extra-aged rum, the product of a precise, scientific process that is testament to the complex art of rum-making, and to the unique conditions of natural ageing in the Cuban climate.
A unique collaboration that unites two great Cuban traditions to create a prestige rum perfectly matched with the flavour and smoothness of Cohiba cigars.
Máximo Extra Añejo
A very limited edition, handcrafted from rum reserves that are among the finest and oldest in Cuba, outstandingly rich with a cascade of well-integrated flavours.
A signed and dated limited edition by Rum Master Asbel Morales, unique each year, paying tribute to the excellence and remarkable range of styles within Cuban rum.

5 steps for rum tasting

1. Preparation
Find a quiet place with good lighting and a comfortable temperature. We need, for each taster, a separate glass for each rum we are going to enjoy, plus a glass of water and a basket of bread that will help us cleanse our palate each time before moving on to the next rum.
2. Appearance
Gently raise the glass and search for the right light angle to assess the colour – a first indication of how long the rum has aged. Slowly swirl the rum in the glass and hold it up again to observe the “tears” – their speed and thickness indicate the oiliness of the rum and the conditions of ageing.
3. Aroma
First, cleanse the palate with water as the taste buds are linked to our perception of smell. Unlike with wine, don’t swirl in the glass, which would release too much ethanol and disguise the aromas. Slowly approach the rim of the glass with your nose to sense the first notes of the aroma, exploring what they evoke in your own personal “sensory bank”.
4. Palate
Take a small sip to create a tingling sensation on the tongue. Then take a normal sip and circulate the liquid all round the mouth. Close your eyes and let yourself be transported by a sea of sensations: each taster’s experience will be different as we associate the tastes and aromas with our own personal memories.
5. Endnotes
Take a small sip and swallow it directly to best sense the rum’s aftertaste and endnotes. Swirl the empty glass until there is no trace of liquid left. Place it upside down on the table and wait until it completely dries. Smell the dry glass to assess in the absence of alcohol the true aromas of Cuban rum attributed to the natural ageing process.