Yilian Cañizares 
Singer and violinist

Violinist and singer Yilian Cañizares is yet another fabulous artist forged from that unlikely combination of a rigorous classical training – which included studying with professors from the former USSR – and informal exposure to the secular percussion-based rhythms that are upheld and reinvented by the island’s Afro-Cuban population. 

When she was just a teenager, Yilian won a scholarship to continue her music studies in Caracas. She completed her education in Switzerland, where she’s now settled as a successful jazz artist and improvised violin professor at the Ecole de Jazz de Musique Actuelle in Lausanne.

Keen to do away with mental barriers, her cosmopolitan upbringing transpires through both of her albums released to date – Ochumare and Invocación — where she seamlessly blends Latin jazz, Afro-Cuban chants, Venezuelan melodies, and French standards.