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    Our goal with Havana Club Party Makers is to provide you with unique mentoring and workshop sessions fully dedicate to help you improve your business post-Covid.

    On this page, you will learn key knowledge from our full panel of 11 iconic judges to succeed in your journey!!

    Enjoy & Share!

    Ciesay mentoring

    We are Cuba in a bottle and Havana Club Party Makers is all about talents, cultural representation, creativity and diversity.

    We are here to leverage those who support their community, and who simply know how to get the party started.



    CIESAY >> Places + Faces founder based in UK : From a local to an international brand / Keeping your identity while growing / Structuring your business / Successes and failures

    Party Makers

    YOUNG TEESH >> Co-founder of iconic underground dance party series Baby Blue, We STAN Young Teesh: Being Female DJ in Toronto / Sounds system and Electro music / Diversity / LGBTQ / Community / Successes and failures

    Party Makers Lionel Obam

    LIONEL OBAM >> Founder of Monda Life & Co-founder of La Sunday Abidjan (Ivory Coast) : Being a DJ and music Producer in West Africa / Going from small events to huge festival / Working with Sponsors & partners / Community / Successes and failures

    Jo Vilder - Party Makers

    JO VILDER >> Co-Founder of Wilderness, organiser of Secret Garden Party and former Creative Director of Elrow : creating unique festivals across the globe / giving back to the community / finding the right mix between inclusive and exclusive experiences / Successes and failures

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    EMEA judges

    Party Makers

    YOAN PRAT >> Yard co-founder based in France : Building a collective from scratch / Becoming an event & agency based in Paris / working with talents / ensuring financial profits with events / partnering with brands / Successes and failures

    Party Makers

    AYO >> Trap Or Die founder in Germany : The power of people and community / building scenes / creating new spaces for the culture to thrive / giving back / Successes and failures

    Party Makers

    JON TYLER >> Founder Bloody Louis in Belgium : The everyday challenges of running a venue / Pushing the brand beyond 4 walls / Building a brand / Successes and failures

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    Americas judges

    Party Makers

    ZACK MACKLOVITCH >> Co-founder of Saintwoods in Canada : From opening one venue to Owning and running multiple businesses internationally / importance of having the right team and supporting each other's / Successes and failures

    Party Makers

    LALO ROJAS >> Event organizer and founder of Goteo parties based in Mexico : Building your community / DJing and sound system / LATAM markets challenges / Successes and failures

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    APAC judges

    Party Makers

    YU YANG >> Event organizer and Music director at Shanghai Edition and Co-founder of Alter Shanghai : Building your image and keeping it real / Behind the scenes in venues / Successes and failures

    Party Makers

    THOMAS BRAY >> Co-founder Yeti Out based in HK : Running a record label and events across Shanghai, Hong Kong and London / Local and international music community / Insights into Asisan scene

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