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Dig into visual stories inspired by the culture of Havana’s streets. Create your own label using unique illustrations and custom colours. Make it unique by personalising it with a message. Share your design with the world and inspire your friends!


In Havana, life happens in the streets. It’s a living theatre bubbling with stories translated to walls and paper with paint and passion. Drawing inspiration from symbols of Cuban tradition, street scenes in the now and dreams for the future, they represent a melting pot of art, culture and history that never sleeps.
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As the sun goes down over Cuba’s capital, simmering energy is palpable and movement is everywhere. In the streets and clubs Havana’s residents sweat together in the dance, sharing joyous vibes of party rhythms below the blur of neon lights.
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Cuba has a rich heritage etched into every building’s surface. Havana’s walls have been witness to a blend of historical, political and artistic shifts, painted over and over. Erosion by coastal winds, sun and salt reveal layers of colour pointing to stories of the past.
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