The first Cuban
high strength golden rum

Edition C

A unique high-end rum, rich and raw gold
Created with exclusive blends of rum bases aged in San José distillery’s waherouses and full of aromas, this well-balanced rum is perfect to be enjoyed both neat and mixed in delicious cocktails.
Bar owner &
International bartender
Soto Velasquez
From Colombia and living in Paris, Carina Soto Velasquez is a bartender & one of the founders of Quixotic Projects, a Paris-based hospitality group which owns and manages such acclaimed venues of Candelaria. Le Mary Celeste, Hero, Les Grands Verres & Bar Marilou in New Orleans.
Vogue described Carina & her colleagues as one of a wave newcomers shaking up the French capital’s hospitality scene.
The experience of creating Professional Editions C & D with Alex brought me back to my days behind the bar, what a great feeling! Carina Soto Velasquez
Bar owner &
International bartender
Alex is a multi-award winning bartender & co-founder of the drinks industry non-profit organization P(OUR). His work includes Muyu liqueurs & bar project Tayēr+Elementary.
In 2018 Harpers Wine&Spirits listed him in the Hot50 ; recognizing key influencers on-trade.
In 2019 Alex was listed in Bar World 100 by Drinks International as one of the industry’s most influential figures.
Maestro Ronero
As a Maestro Ronero, he plays a key role in the creation of Havana Club rums. After a degree in chemical engineering, Asbel Morales earned his title of Maestro del Ron Cubano at Havana Club over 15 years ago, and has been working at the San José Distillery since 2007.
Professional Edition C is the first Cuban high strength rum. Created by Cuban rum master Asbel Morales in collaboration with bar entrepreneurs Carina Soto Velasquez and Alex Kratena.

Through skillful blending of young aromatic aguardiente with older rum bases, this unique gold rum has both power and roundness – amplified to deliver a big flavour punch.
Golden color. Bright and transparent like every Havana Club Rum.

Great balance between its components, without irritating hit while inhaling. Tropical fruits aromas highlighted by subtle oak and aguardiente notes.

Clear and full bodied taste from the aguardiente. Light silkiness expressing the years of natural ageing in white oak cask.


Asbel Morales is a man of traditions, his incredible knowledge and his vision was a big inspiration to me. Is a short drink that highlights the gold color of Edition C, is elegant and classic like the provenance of the rum.


 Woody and earthy aromatic drink with top notes of grapefruit and timur complimented
by oak, tonka bean and pepper and  a base note of vetiver and cedar offset by tannic maple verjus