A rich and smoky
premium dark rum


The ultimate balance between rich rum flavors and dry smoky notes.
Edition B was born when, by a twist of fate, a shipment of Islay whisky casks arrived in Cuba by mistake.
Maestro Asbel Morales decided to experiment, finishing small quantities of rum bases in the Islay barrels.

After promising results, renowned bartender Nick Strangeway was brought on board to consult on the perfect dark rum for mixing cocktails, one achieving a delicate balance between dry whisky notes and rich rum flavors.
Creative Director
He got his start in the 90s under the tutelage of Dick Bradsell at Fred’s Club in Soho.
Over his illustrious bartending career, Nick’s won countless awards both for his innovation and his deep understanding of cocktail history.
He currently consults for the drinks industry worldwide.
The dry character of Edition B elevates Cuban classics like the Cocktail Nacional and the Rum Old Fashioned.
Havana Club Master of Cuban Rum
As a Maestro Ronero, he plays a key role in the creation of Havana Club rums. After a degree in chemical engineering, Asbel Morales earned his title of Maestro del Ron Cubano at Havana Club over 15 years ago, and has been working at the San José Distillery since 2007.
Edition B starts with a blend of 3 rum bases aged a minimum of 7 years each, of which one finished in smoky Islay barrels.

While the starting point is similar to Havana 7, the blending
proportions are different. With the unusual addition of a base aged in whisky barrels, monitored and selected with Nick Strangeway, the results are as inspiring as you might expect.
A super premium dark rum, dry and richly smoky.
Deep amber color, with brightness and clarity typical of Havana Club rum.

Highly balanced, smooth when inhaling, a fruity aroma punctuated by subtle notes of oak and very light smoke.

Intense and complex, smokiness. Clean and full bodied, a result of natural ageing in white oak barrels. Dry, balanced aftertaste.

The Sweetheart

Bartending icon Nick Strangeway has created the Sweetheart to highlight the dry smoky notes of Edition B rum.

El Nacional

An icon of Havana, the art deco Hotel Nacional opened in 1930. Countless celebrities and politicians have lounged on its veranda sipping the sumptuous cocktail that was created there.