A full and intense
premium white rum

Edition A

delivers the flavor complexity of an aged dark rum with the appearance and mixability of a white rum.
To celebrate the 200th birthday of Havana bar El Floridita,  the Cuban Bartenders Association set us a challenge: create a richly expressive white rum, perfect for the Daiquiris that forged Floridita’s legend.

Developed with Cesar Martí, Havana Club Master of Cuban Rum, and Alejandro Bolivar, El Floridita Head Bartender, Edition A is the result of that challenge. Full-bodied and intense, this white rum brings a whole new dimension of flavor to cocktails.  
El Floridita
Head Bartender
While he originally trained as an electrical engineer, El Floridita’s Alejandro Bolivar had a passion that took his career in whole other direction, helping him become one of the greatest cantineros, or bartenders, in Havana.
Edition A delivers the complexity of a dark rum in a versatile white rum, perfect for Cuban classics like El Presidente and the Daiquiri.
Havana Club Master
of Cuban Rum
Expert Cesar Martí is a Havana Club Master of Cuban Rum, specializing in white rums, and often contributes to the development of new products.
He is based in Santa Clara, Cuba.
Three different rum bases - each aged up to 4 years for complexity - and 1 aged aguardiente go into this premium blend. The blend is then matured again in
 very large, very old barrels, to ensure the clearest color possible.

An innovative rapid filtration process, used only for this  rum, carefully preserves the different aromas in the rum, and contributes to its distinct character.
Yellow. Bright and luminous.

Complexity unusual for a Carta Blanca, with subtle notes of wood. Spice and smoke balanced by freshness and fruit.

A symphony of flavors that evokes sugarcane with hints of chocolate, cream, vanilla, tropical fruits and butter.

Greta Garbo

Alejandro Bolivar has concocted a modern twist on the Greta Garbo cocktail for El Floridita’s 200th birthday.

El Presidente

A contemporary expression of this classic Cuban cocktail served on the rocks. This elegant mix brings the dry notes of Edition A to life.