Introducing Havana Club
Professional Editions

An exclusive range of Cuban rums with unique flavor profiles.
Developed by bartenders for bartenders
The world’s first range of rums

by professionals, for professionals.

Developed in partnership with bartending legends, Havana Club Professional Editions is a new range of premium rums created for pro bartenders.  

Created with bartending veterans like El Floridita’s Alejandro Bolivar and Nick Strangeway, these small batch editions of only 12,000 bottles, celebrate rum as an ingredient in itself.
The rare rums of the Professional Edition range are exceptional new expressions of Havana Club. While respecting Cuban rum-making traditions mastered over the past 80 years, they push the boundaries of Cuban rum towards an innovative future.
Asbel Morales,
Havana Club’s Maestro del Ron Cubano
2 Limited Editions
Each with a distinct flavor profile to inspire your creativity.
Edition A
A full and intense white rum
edition a
Edition A delivers the flavor complexity of an aged dark rum with the appearance and mixability of a white rum.
To celebrate the 200th birthday of Havana bar El Floridita, the Cuban Bartenders Association set us a challenge: create a richly expressive white rum, perfect for the Daiquiris that forged Floridita’s legend.
A rich and smoky dark rum
edition b
The ultimate balance between rich rum flavors and dry smoky notes.
Edition B was born when, by a twist of fate,
a shipment of Islay whisky casks arrived in Cuba by mistake.
Maestro Asbel Morales decided to experiment, finishing small quantities of rum bases in the Islay barrels.
the Havana Club Professional Edition
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