Let your senses show you the way
Through our rum

Explore its multiple
layers of flavour

Havana 7 is continuously aged – a small part is put back each year to keep the spirit of Havana 7 alive. This makes drinking our premium Cuban sipping rum a true exploration of flavour and complexity.
Through our drinks

Neat or twisted,
it’s up to you!

Explore Havana 7 neat, or twist with exuberant flavours to stimulate your senses.
Through documentary photography

Elliott Erwitt
Havana Club 7 fellowship

Five decades after his candid shots of Cuba in the 1960s, documentary photographer Elliott Erwitt turned his lens on the country again, and set up a fellowship for young photographers with Havana 7.

Elliott Erwitt

Elliot Erwitt Havana Club 7 Fellowship

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