Havana Club Cocktail Grand Prix 2016

30 Aug. 2017
The Winner is …

As we focused on tradition and authenticity, we asked the world's best cantineros (bartenders in cuba) to use local ingredients and Cuban inspiration to create their cocktails. After 2 days of discovery, visiting of the town, tasting cuban rum and meeting the Maestros del Ron Cubano, the participants were well immersed in the Cuban culture. On June 2nd, the competition began. In the morning, they chose their ingredients at Havana's produce markets and created their cocktails in the afternoon. After the 1st round, 13 competitors have been selected. The next day, the finalists presented their last cocktail to the jury. The decision was hard to make but they agreed on one creation making the difference : The winner of the Havana Club Grand Prix 2016 is Amury Cepada from Cuba with his cocktail called Cunyaya (This was the name given to the first manual press to extract sugar cane juicecreated by Cuban aborigines). Here is his recipe : Honey 5mlSour Orange 7.5mlFresh Sugar Cane Juice 60mlHavana Club 7 45mlEoC (Tropical Fruits) 2 dashesGarnish:Stick of Natural Sugar CaneSour Orange spiral.Serve in Clay Cup sitting on little plate withTobacco leaf Humble and friendly, Amaury was born in Sancti Spiritus. He studied at formatur and he's now bartender at the famous Yayabo bridge. As a member of the ACC (Associacion de Cantineros Cubanos), winning this competition is a huge opportunity. Indeed, our winner has never left Cuba and will have the chance to travel all over the world as an ambassador of our Havana Club rums.