Havana Club 3 years old : a Rum Master !

30 Aug. 2017
The Rum Masters 2016 : Three Havana Club Rums received a medal

We are thrilled to announce that Havana Club 3 years old won the medal of “Rum Master” ! Year on year, The Spirits Business attributes medals to the best rum of each category during The Rum Master tasting. This year, Havana Club 3 is the one winning the battle in the white rum category. Barnes, one of the judges said : “In this category I’m looking for rum that has character, which is a very hard thing to achieve with white rum. It tends to be a much cleaner spirit, which is why you find so many white rums are aged and then stripped of their colour.” They saw in Havana Club 3, a good quality rum with “plenty of flavour” and “lots of cocktail potential”. But our 3 year old rum is not the only one to receive a medal : Havana Club 7 Años and Havana Club 15 Años both received a Silver medal for “Dark Aged 8-12 Years” and “Dark Aged Over 13 Years” rums respectively, which are also good results. We thank The Spirits Business for thoses medals, this is an honor for us ! Click here to see all the results : http://bit.ly/1LgIGSv