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  • New Year, New Cocktails
  • New Year, New Cocktails

    It's 2016! This is the moment to try, innovate. Here are 2 new recipes to begin the year !

    Thyme & Grapefruit cocktail recipe

    • Mix 2 parts of rum, 1 part of white sugar and 1 part of fresh lime juice. Add 2 springs of thyme and top up with grapefruit juice


    Let the thyme infuse before serving !

    Strawberry, pepper, cranbery cocktail recipe

    • Miw 2 parts of rum, 1 part of fresh lime juice and 1 part of white sugar. Add 3 strawberries and a pinch of black pepper. Top up with cranberry juice.


    Add some cubed ice to make your cocktail refreshing.