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    Havana Club 10th Cocktail Grand Prix: the App

    | By François Monti

    The App

    It lets you know everything you need to know about the little challenge we have for you...

    Cantineros ! This is it: in 5 months, we will know who won the tenth Havana Club Cocktail Grand Prix! All over the world, bartenders are sweating over their recipes, hoping to qualify through their national heat. They want to test themselves and dream to go home with all the plaudits and the admiration of their peers. You have missed the deadline for your local selection? You came just short of a qualifying slot? You found the final tweak to your fantastic recipe a minute too late? Nothing was organized in your home country? You think it's too late for you? Well, think again! You have one last chance, yes, one last chance to hop on the Havana plane. Of course, we are not about to make things easy for you. Spending a week in Cuba working with local cantineros, challenging 40 of the world's best bartenders and learning everything there is to know about the Cuban tradition is a fantastic experience, but we need to make sure you are worthy of it. So to pick this year's wildcard entry for the Havana Club Cocktail Grand Prix, we've launched a Facebook app. Check it out: it lets you know everything you need to know about the little challenge we have for you. Word to the wise: you only need to come up with one recipe, but the devil is in the details… You can only use ingredients available in Cuba! Ay, papito… Of course, your cocktail will be judged by world-renown experts Meimi Sanchez, Anistatia Miller and Jared Brown and you'll be up against bartenders from around the globe. Take it as a world final before the actual final. Click on the link, launch the app, read the rules, take the quiz, come up with the recipe: you're a few clicks away from the time of your life.

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